Ensure Your Safety By Purchasing E-Cigarettes Manufactured By Reputed Brands

Are you aware of the risks posed by e-cigs manufactured in ill-equipped factories in third world countries, including logos of popular local brands, and being marketed as authentic stuff? The manufacturers of such e-cigs utilize poor quality electronic equipment that don’t compliment each other. Aside from this, they also use poor quality lithium ion batteries and chargers that don’t provide the watt and amperage cited on them. There are countless instances where such cigarettes have exploded while being charged or if folks were smoking them. A lot of people have experienced their encounter disfigured permanently when the e-cig exploded while they were smoking it, and some of them died a dreadful death. The sad part is the fake products seem like the original ones and it is hard, even for knowledgeable e-cig smokers to differentiate them from the original. Ensure the protection of your own life by buying e-cigarettes manufactured by reputed brands. To prevent purchasing fakes, your very best choice is to purchase your need from respectable stores that just sell real e-cigs that provide you with years of vaping experience. Start looking for a Direct Vapor coupon for one of the most reputable online stores from which you may buy e-cigs and its accessories without any worries.

How do these electronic cigarettes get the job done?

Let us have a concise understanding of the way the e-cigs operate. They consist of two parts: the electricity supply unit and the atomizer attached to each other with a cable. While the former has a light emitting diode on its tip, a lithium ion battery, a microcircuit board, and an air sensor, the latter contains a coil made from resistant alloy, and a cartridge containing e-juice, placed inside the coil. Puffing with this cigarette triggers the air to flow out of its top towards the atomizer. In this action, the wind trips the wind sensor, triggering it, and causing it to turn the circuit to the’on’ position. The battery begins providing power to the LED, light it up in the process, and delivers electricity to the coil too. Resistive properties of the coil makes it heat up, draining the e-liquid contained in the cartridge nested within it, converting the liquid to water vapor along with flavored nicotine fumes. These fumes or vapors do not contain tar or thousands of poisonous chemical compounds, connected with the classical smokes they pose no health related issues to the smoker or to the members of the loved ones. Children and other nonsmokers face health related issues because of passive smoking. This occurs when they inhale microscopic pieces of toxic compounds, hanging in the atmosphere of a badly ventilated room after somebody has smoked more than there.

In most cases, we see that cheap quality imported e-cigs are more prone to bursting instead of these sold by manufacturers like Direct Vapor and Madvapes. The e-cigs and their parts, including the charger, promoted from these online stores undergo a rigorous burn-in process (a scientific method by which they are exposed to conditions that simulate countless hours of usage) and are qualified for sale after successfully finishing the process. The power supply used by producers from third world countries often provide over the necessary sum of voltage and amperage into the battery. These chargers also do not contain trip switches that limit the charging procedure to’trickle mode’ once the battery is completely charged. This causes such e-cigs to explode while charging. A poorly designed circuit board attempts to draw more power than the battery could offer, causing it to explode while the smoker drags in an e-cig comprising those faulty electronics systems and mismatched batteries. If you want to stay safe while smoking e-cigs, buy your needs from online shops like Madvapes or Direct Vapor.

No doubt, the prices of the goods on those shops are costlier than inexpensive imported stuff. However, it is possible to easily get massive discounts on the genuine goods by searching online for ‘[Brand name] coupon code’ and applying them during checkout. You also need to look for the’sale segments’ of these sites as they allow you to buy accessories at discounts up to 70% off their list price.

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